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Our Mission is to provide access to professional, affordable, and dependable aquatic services to the marginalized community. 

Empowered Swimming Incorporated generates funding to grant scholarship opportunities to those eager to learn how to swim and/or become American Red Cross Lifeguard certified! 

Our mission extends beyond the pool deck and into the community where we host programs and events focused on educating minority communities on the POWER of swimming! 

Our goal is to actively reduce the drowning rate by eliminating every reason why swimming/water safety training would not be a priority for minority families. 

Aquatic Knowledge Saves Lives! Empowered Swiming Inc. Can Help!

Drowning is 100% preventable, therefore swim lessons should be 100% accessible.

ESI Scholarship

The overwhelming majority of drownings are preventable, therefore, as a counter, swim lessons should be 100% accessible.

Congratulations on taking the first step to learning a life-saving skill and challenging the debilitating narrative “Black People Can’t Swim”.


This scholarship provides each eligible recipient up to $500 to go towards aquatic products (swimsuit/trunks, goggles, swim caps) and either swimming lessons ( private or group) or Lifeguard/ Water Safety Instructor training. A representative from Empowered Swimming Inc will work with the recipient to determine what the swimmer's goals are and how to meet them.

2021 Swim-a-Thon Fundraiser

Empowered Swimming and NIKE Swim have partnered to bring you the 2021 Worldwide Virtual Swim-a-Thon Fundraiser!

From 1/31 - 2/27, there will be activities hosted virtually to invigorate and support the swimming lifestyle virtually for all age groups and denominations.  Swimmers have logged their laps and are ready for your sponsorship! Sponsor a swimmer below and be a part of a great cause!


Meet the Team

Taj O.  Founder

Tracey H. Board Member

Ablavi K.png

Ablavi K.

 Board Member

Janae T.png

Janae T. 

Swim Coach


Taj O.  Founder

Tracey H.png

Tracey H.

Board Member

We are thankful to our worldwide partners for their support in our endeavors.



Our goal is to actively reduce the drowning rate by eliminating every reason why swimming and water safety training would not be a priority for minority families. Every dollar donated will be used to fund our scholarship program, curate events for the  community, and content create to educate the masses. Drowning is 100% preventable, your contribution will ensure that quality swim programs are 100% accessible. 

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